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Compile TypeScript in ASP.NET 5 application using grunt-typescript

Today was a big day for entire .NET Framework community. So much amazing stuff announced on VisualStudio Connect(); even in NY: open sourcing Core .NET Framework code (including CLR, JIT, FC, BLC and more), Visual Studio 2015 Preview with free and extensible Visual Studio Community Edition, new Visual Studio Online features and more. Also quite a few announcements connected to ASP.NET 5. The new version of ASP.NET, known before as ASP.NET vNext, that will revolutionize the way people create Web Applications using .NET Framework stack. Particular feature I’d like to focus on today is great integration with Grunt – JavaScript task runner that can be used to automate routine development tasks, e.g. compiling LESS/SASS files to CSS, CoffeeScript/TypeScript to JavaScript and more.

Official ASP.NET 5 documentation contains a tutorial how to use Grunt to compile LESS files to CSS style sheets on the fly every time you build your app. I’ll should you how to use the same task runner to compile TypeScript code to JavaScript as part of your app build process.
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